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Schmit Inc. originated in 1936, when times were hard for this country and both jobs and money were scarce.   Our business was started by Nick Schmit, Jr and his father.   Back then farmers were buying railroad boxcars to store their grain in and they needed to get those boxcars to their farmsteads.   Schmit Jr. and his father began by moving boxcars with rubber tires and truck axles they had set up.

Today the moving business is owned and operated by Nick Schmit III and his brother, Tony Schmit.   Today four generations are in the moving business with Nick's son, David, also being part of the company.

Just like back then, people find themselves in the need of having buildings that need to be moved.   Whether houses, barns, grain elevators or sheds we will move almost anything.  Building a new home from S and B Custom Homes or Riverside Building Center or one of the Tech Schools or High Schools, we can help you move it on to your site.   Do you have big industrial equipment that needs to be moved within a building or to a new location within your company? Call us and we can give you a bid for moving it for you.

Our business has come a long way from it taking days to move a structure  back then to it taking a day for some jobs now.  Changes have also come in the form of using wooden beams then to using steel beams today.  From the use of army trucks back then to diesel powered trucks with hydraulic systems and from wooden cribbing to steel jack stands---- we have progressed with the times.  Before you give up on a project and think that it can not be moved------ call us and we will see if it can be moved!

We are a family owned business here to serve you for many more years to come.
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